Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.

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A Family Business With Over 60 Years of Producing Specialty Cedar Products

The Smith family has been in the specialty cedar products business for over 60 years. The multi-generational family-run business continues to grow due to sustained customer, supplier, owner, employee, First Nations, and community support. Established in 1955 by Gilbert Smith and his family, GSFP began business as a Cedar pole plant. In 1967, a sawmill was built on the same site and then over the ensuing years continuous improvements, upgrades, and additions have occurred. The driving force behind the early growth and development of the company centered around two brothers, Ted and Carman Smith. Their innovative ideas and initial infrastructure set a strong foundation for the third generation to continue growing the business. In 2004, Greg Smith started in a new role with the company and began his transition into the management team, with the title of President being made official in 2016. Since then, he and his team have led the company forward with a variety of strategies such as a capital investment into the creation of a new Grade Sort Line. As the largest employer in Barriere, GSFP remains committed to supporting the community through scholarships and donations to local causes. In 2018, the Sawmill celebrated 50 years of producing cedar lumber in the North Thompson Valley and looks forward to another successful 50 years to come.



The Right Choice: Choosing GSFP Products

The sales, manufacturing, and woodlands teams work together to maintain the quality of our products during all phases of production and shipping. GSFP takes pride in delivering a higher standard of product that is neatly packaged and delivered on time to customers. The GSFP program tailors the log diet and mill manufacturing capabilities to our customer requirements. At the mill and planer, GSFP focuses on producing specific products and grades that meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations. We specialize in producing customer specific grades and sizes in 1x3 – 1x6, 2x3 - 2x12, 1x12 boards and timbers. Our goal is to have the manufacturing and finishing lines produce a wide variety of end products for our customers that can be used by re-manufacturing facilities for pattern stock and direct to distribution products.

GSFP offers PEFC/CSA Certified lumber and as a member of the WRCLA, GSFP can grade utilizing the AK and CK grade rules with primary product lines. As a member of the lumber grading bureau; P.L.I.B, grade inspectors along with our own QC personnel are constantly monitoring GSFP lumber graders to assist in GSFP quality assurance.

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