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Safety and Sustainability Focused


Woodlands Contacts, Certifications, and Policies


GSFP is very proud of our accomplishments including administering high standards for forest management required by the Forest and Range Practices Act & Regulations and all other pertinent Provincial and Federal legislation. GSFP is committed to sustainably managing its forestry operations through CSA SFM certification and ensuring our forest products delivered to our customers are tracked and from non-controversial sources by certifying our operations to the PEFC standard

Our operations cover Forest License A18692 and A89106, Timber License T0713, NRFL A56291, and NRFL A88222 within the Kamloops Timber Supply Area.  Management of our tenures is focused on supplying our sawmill with a good selection of quality timber that allows us to manufacture high quality lumber.  At the same time, we continually integrate all other aspects of the forests into our daily management, including Indigenous interests, biodiversity, fish, wildlife, range, water and other outdoor recreational activities.

GSFP Woodlands division has attained SAFE Company Status with the BC Forest Safety Council and requires regular contractors employed by us to have SAFE Company Status.  SAFE Companies promotes a culture where the health and safety of all workers is the ultimate priority and believes that safe companies are successful companies.  Our Woodlands division has had no lost time incidents for over 17 years!


For Woodlands Inquiries:

Forestry Supervisor

Aidan Coyles, FIT

O: (250) 672-9435 C: (250) 572-6130


Woodlands Manager

Toby Jeffreys, RPF

O: (250) 672-9435  C: (778) 220-0294


Forestry Manager

Craig Hewlett, RFT

O: (250) 672-9435 F: (250) 672-5644